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Construction and incorporation

Push has a customized solution for the construction industry.

We are already integrated with Sienge and working on new integrations.

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Collection and financial

Issue billing notices automatically, without having to allocate someone from your team to the task.

Notices of expiration and second copy of tickets have never been so simple to deal with.

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Donation and payment

Make it easy to collect donations and recurring payments, creating reminders and messages, and firing hundreds of people automatically.

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Lead capture

Do not miss any opportunity to get customer contacts using chatbots and still maintain a channel of communication with them, all in natural language.

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Customer service

Attend your client any day and time without having to allocate a team for it. With Push you filter the doubts and needs of your customers and forward to human service only what is necessary, greatly reducing the time and effort spent on customer service.

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Hotel business

From booking rooms to in-house customer service, automate everything, direct your team’s work to other activities, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Communication and research

Conduct surveys and gather data that is important to your service. With chatbots you can extend the scope of your research and increase the amount of data for analysis and studies.

Push has the essential tools to
automate your customer service.
Group your contacts and move them through dynamic groups, generating an organized lead base and keeping track of your customers’ interaction history.

Create custom campaigns for each contact group (or for everyone) and send them in a programmed and automatic way.


Design communication flows easily and intuitively.

  • Schedule automatic responses.
  • Separate users into groups.
  • Send links and emoticons.
  • Communication campaigns.
  • Integrate diverse systems.
Gráfico de estatísticas

For each stream created, statistical graphs are generated. Conduct research and understand the consumer profile of your customers.

  • Integration with more than 700 systems through Zapier.
  • API calls in the stream.
  • External integration APIs.

Use integrated human service with Push automation.

Artificial intelligence

Using the power of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning techniques, the robots developed in the Push platform understand the way we humans communicate, finding patterns, identifying intentions and always evolving after each interaction.


Our technology understands more than 50 languages

The best experience for your users. Create intelligent chatbots in an easy, intuitive and fully adaptable way to your business.